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PRESERVATION STATUS:  Update 4/2000:  35mm complete. Much material exists at The UCLA Film Archives.

B.P.Schulberg Productions. Distributed by: Preferred Pictures. Production:  December 1924. Released January 1 (or February 1), 1925. Silent; b&w. 35mm. 6 reels, 5,950 ft.

Directed by: James P. Hogan. Adaptation: John Goodrich. Story B.P. Schulberg. Photographed by: Joseph Goodrich.Cast of Prolog: Eddie Phillips (The Boy), Alec B. Francis (The Chaplain), Edith Yorke (The Mother), Joseph Kilgour (The Governor), George Nichols (The Warden), John Prince (The Doctor).Cast of the Main Story: Elliott Dexter (Gordon Harrington), George Hackathorne (Danny O'Connor), Clara Bow (Delia Tate), Margaret Livingston (Mona Caldwell), Robert Ellis (Harry Philips), Mary Carr (Mrs. O'Connor), Fred Warren (pawnbroker), Wade Boteler (Officer Dugan).

MELODRAMA:  After a vain attempt to save an innocent man from execution, welfare worker Gordon Harrington arranges with Dan O'Connor for Dan to be framed for a murder that will never occur, telling Dan that, at the appropriate moment, the hoax will be disclosed and capital punishment will thereby be discredited. Harrington arranges for his friend, Harry Phillips, to go on an extended sea voyage on his yacht and then makes it appear that O'Connor has murdered Phillips. O'Connor is convicted and sentenced to death. Phillips returns home unexpectedly from his cruise, and, in an argument, Harrington inadvertently kills him. Mona Caldwell, Harrington's fiancee, persuades him not to report the murder to the police, allowing O'Connor to go to his doom. O'Connor protests his innocence but Harrington disavows all knowledge of a frame up. O'Connor is about to be executed when Mona has a change of heart and tells the police that Harrington is the man who murdered Phillips. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalog of Feature Films".)

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