PRESERVATION STATUS:  35 mm  restored thanks to the efforts of “Baby Peggy”. UPDATE 9/8/98:  Has been screened on the east coast. MoMA has a print with English Titles. Film is at The UCLA film archive.

Principal Pictures. Production date:  Spring 1924.  Released October 12, 1924. Silent. b&w.; 35mm. 6 reels, 5,620 ft. Presented by Sol Lesser. Produced by: Sol Lesser. Directed by: William A. Seiter. Adaptation: Hope Loring, Louis D. Lighton. Photographed by: William Daniels. Aditional Photography: Glen MacWilliams. Film Editor: Owen Marks.

Cast: Baby Peggy (Toddie), Clara Bow (Alice Mayton), Jean Carpenter (Budge), Edward Everett Horton (Uncle Harry), Claire Adams (Helen Lawrence), George Reed (Rastus), Mattie Peters (housekeeper), Richard Tucker (Tom Lawrence).

COMEDY-DRAMA: Source: John Habberton, Helen’s Babies (Boston, c1876).

“…concerns a little girl who makes life rather miserable for her bachelor uncle, who is left in charge of the child while her parents tour abroad.” (Information from “The American Film Institute of Feature Films”.)

(Variety Film Reviews 1921-1925): “A Baby Peggy picture with the Sol Sesser tag. It’s of the childish pranks one could expect or suspect and some action. There’s a laugh her and there. A thrill is worked up in a singe track railroad scene. Beyond that is very little. An illogical story of a bachelor writing a book on order around how to bring up children. When left with the two little girls of his married sister, they run themselves and him in their childish way. For Baby Peggy admirers only, but for a matinee trade of children, better.”