PRESERVATION STATUS: Exists at The UCLA Film Archive
Whaling Film Corporation. Distributed by: W.W. Hodkinson Corp. Production date: Summer 1922 (New Bedford Mass).   Providence, Rhode Island, premiere:  November 1922, General  release: March 4, 1923. Silent; b&w.; 35mm. 12 reels. (Also 9 reels, 8,900 ft)

Presented by: Elmer Clifton. Directed by: Elmer Clifton. Story-Scenario: John L.E. Pell. Photographed by: Alexander G. Penrod. Additional Photography by: Paul Allen, Maurice E. Kains, Albert Doubrava. Musical Score Designed by: Henry F. Gilbert. Adv: James F. Avery, Benjamin D. Cleveland, Antonoe T. Edwards, Henry J. Mandly, Antone J. Mandly, William J. Shockley, George F. Tilton, James Tilton. Staff: P. Major, Leigh R. Smith, Phelps Decker, Paul F. Maschke, Harry Thompson, Eliazbeth Musgrave.

Cast in order of appearance: William Walcott (Charles W. Morgan), William Cavanaugh (Henry Morgan), Leigh R. Smith (“Scuff” Smith), Elizabeth Foley (Baby Patience Morgan), Thomas White (Baby Tommy Dexter), Juliette Courtot (“Judy” Peggs), Clarice Vance (Nahoma), Curtis Pierce (The Town Crier), Ada Laycock (“Henny” Clark), Marguerite Courtot (Patience Morgan), Clara Bow (“Dot” Morgan), James Turfler (“Jimmy”), Pat Hartigan (Jake Finner), Capt. James A. Tilton (Captain of the “Morgan”), J. Thornton Baston (Samuel Siggs), Raymond McKee (Thomas Allan Dexter).

MELODRAMA:  Though Patience Morgan is sought by many suitors, her father, Charles, insists that she marry a man who is both Quaker and whale man. Because Samuel Siggs convincingly poses as both, he is favored by Charles Morgan-despite the fact that Patience loves Allan Dexter, who is neither. Allan embraces the Quaker faith, proves himself worthy as a whale man when he is shanghaied and tossed by stormy seas, and returns to New Bedford just as she is about to marry Siggs. (Information from “The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films”.)