PRESERVATION STATUS: 6 complete reels still in nitrate. Only one print exists. Restoration work is scheduled.
Located at the UCLA Film Archive. B.P.Schulberg Productions. July 1, 1925. Silent; b&w.; 35mm. 7 reels, 6609 ft. Directed by James P. Hogan. Story-Cont. by John Goodrich. Photography by Allen Siegler.

CAST: Alyce Mills (Dora Blake), William Powell (Scott Seddon), Clara Bow (Lola Lombard), Frank Keenan (Forbes Lombard), Ford Sterling (Smike), John Sainpolis (inspector), Gertrude Short (crook girl), Matthew Betz (Eddie Gault), Sojin.

MELODRAMA. Newspaper editor Forbes Lombard discovers that his daughter, Lola, has been consorting with gamblers, and star reporter Scott Seddon sees a chance for an exclusive story by getting the goods on the gang himself. Posing as an ex-con, Scott gains acceptance by the gang and falls in love with Dora Blake, the beautiful gang-leader. There is a police raid, and Scott attempts to help Dora to escape. They are both captured, however, and are subjected to a brutal third degree, each signing a false confession in order to end this ordeal by interrogation. Released from prison, Scott finds that, despite Dora’s promise to the contrary, she has returned to gambling. Scott declares his love for her, and they decide to get married and begin a new life together. (All information taken from “The American Film Instutute Catalog”)