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PRESERVATION STATUS: Restored by David Shepherd

B.P.Schulberg Productions. Dec 15, 1925. Silent; b&w.35mm. 7 reels, 6,488 ft.

Directed by: Wesley Ruggles. Adaptation by: Eve Unsell, Frederica Sagor. Photographed by: Gilbert Warrenton, Allen Siegler.

Cast: Donald Keith (Hugh Carver), Clara Bow (Cynthia Day?, Mary Alden (Mrs. Carver), Henry B. Walthall (Henry Carver), Gilbert Roland (Carl Peters), J Gordon Edwards, Jr. (Norrie Parks), Felix Valle (Merton Billings), David Butler (Coach Henry). (Ed.note: Clark Gable in an un-billed part)

MELODRAMA. Source: Percy Marks, The Plastic Age (New York, 1924).

Impressionable Hugh Carver, once a championship runner in prep school, falls in love with Cynthia Day at college and goes to the dogs. He begins to lose races and incurs the wrath of his parents. Cynthia eventually realizes that she has done Hugh a great disservice in encouraging his infatuation and refuses to see him any longer. Hugh then regains his athletic prowess and wins the big football game for his school. Upon his graduation, a changed Cynthia returns to him , and it looks like wedding bells for old man Carver. (Information from "The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films".)

This feature has recently been restored by David Shepherd. A VHS print of this can be purchased through Kino Video (Please see home page for details).