PRESERVATION STATUS:  Update:  4/2000:  35mm. complete at the UCLA Film Archive.
Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. Production:  April 17-May 13, 1929.  Released July 13, 1929 (copyright July 12, 1929) Movietone. b&w.; 35mm. 9 reels, 7287 ft. (also silent version: 7395 ft) Supervised by B.F.Seidman. Directed by Lothar Mendes. Screenplay by Donald Davis, Florence Ryerson. Dialogue by Viola Brothers Shore. Titles by George Marion, Jr. Story by Lester Cohen. Photography by Harry Fischbeck. Film Editing by Eda Warren.

CAST: Clara Bow (Pat Delaney), Richard Arlen (Larry Lee), Kay Francis (Zara Flynn), David Newell (Tony Barretti), Anders Randolf (Col. P.P.Brock), May Boley (Ma Spinelli), T.Roy Barnes (Pa Spinelli), Joyce Compton (Jennie Silver), Charles D. Brown (Spider), Stuart Erwin (first Rotarian), Jack Luden (second Rotarian), Oscar Smith (Negro porter).

COMEDY-DRAMA. Pat, a circus bareback rider, loves Larry, the star tightrope walker, who is infatuated with his partner, Zara Flynn, who in turn loves Tony Barretti of Larry’s act. Pat tells Larry of Zara’s duplicity, and as a result he sustains an injury in a fall from the wire. He takes to drinking heavily, but Pat persuades him to return to the circus; and in order to bolster his confidence, she works with him in a comic act. To Pat’s dismay, however, he again falls under her spell. Meanwhile, Zara and Tony have been secretly married, but they fail to get bookings and Zara rejoins Larry in the tightrope act; to Pat’s dismay he again falls under her spell. However, when Larry learns Zara is married, he again takes to the bottle, and Pat is forced into a scheme whereby she saves his reputation, though it costs her her own job. At last, realizing her sacrifice, Larry discovers that he loves Pat. (Information taken from the American Film Institute Catalog)