PRESERVATION STATUS: Fully Restored by David Stenn

Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. October 26, 1929 (copyright: October 25, 1929; Lp792). Sd (Movietone); b&w.; 35mm. 7 reels, 6,015 ft. (Also si; 6,392 ft.)

Directed by: Edward Sutherland. Screenplay: Ethel Doherty. Dialogue: Lloyd Corrigan, Edward E. Paramore, Jr. Title: Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Adaptation: Lloyd Corrigan. Story: George Abbott, John V.A. Weaver. Camera: Harry Fischbeck. Film Editing: Jane Loring.

Cast: Clara Bow (Mayme), James Hall (Bill), Jean Arthur (Janie), Charles Sellon (Lem Woodruff), Ethel Wales (Ma Woodruff), Frank Ross (Ken), Edna May Oliver (Miss Streeter), Hyman Meyer (Ginsberg), Eddie Dunn (Jim), Leone Lane (Pearl), Jean Harlow (Hazel), Getty Bird (Riche Ginsberg), Alice Adair (girl), Irving Bacon (McGonigle, sales manager), Mary Gordon (reducing customer), Ernie S. Adams (gambler).


Mayme, a salesgirl in Ginsberg’s department store, is in love with Bill, another clerk; but when he is promoted to floorwalker and Mayme’s sister, Janie, is made treasurer of the benefit pageant, Mayme loses Bill to her sister. Janie, however, has been losing racing bets placed with Lem Woodruff, proprietor of the boardinghouse where she and Mayme live; and to make up her losses, she places the pageant money on a winning horse, but inadvertently the bet is placed on another horse. She confesses her predicament to Mayme, who wins back the money by shooting craps with Lem. Janie blames her sister for the loss until Mayme shows up with the money and vents her righteous wrath on her hypocritical sister; Janie finds happiness with Jimmie, a fellow boarder. (Information from “The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films”.)