PRESERVATION STATUS:  35mm complete-Newly restored
Paramount-Publlix Corp. ca5 July 1930 (New York premiere; released July 19; c18 July 1930) Movietone; b&w.; 35mm. 10 reels, 6,910 ft.

Directed by Frank Tuttle. Dialogue by Herman J. Mankiewicz. Adapted by Grover Jones, William Conselman. Story by Keene Thompson. Photography by Allen Siegler. Songs: “Believe It or Not, I’ve Found My Man,” “That’s Worth While Waiting For,” “Love Among the Millionaires,” “Rarin’ To Go!” “Don’t Be a Meanie” by L.Wolfe Gilbert, Abel Baer. Recording Engineer M.M.Paggi.

CAST: Clara Bow (Pepper Whipple), Stanley Smith (Jerry Hamilton), Skeets Gallagher (Boots McGee), Stuart Erwin (Clicker Watson), Mitzi Green (Penelope Whipple), Charles Sellon (Pop Whipple), Theodore von Eltz (Jordan), Claude King (Mr. Hamilton), Barbara Bennett (Virginia Hamilton).

ROMANTIC MUSICAL-COMEDY. Near a railroad junction, Pepper and her sister, Penelope, work in their father’s cafe. Botts Mcgee, a railroad detective, and Clicker Watson, a telegraph operator, are bitter rivals for Pepper’s love; however, she falls in love with Jerry Hamilton, son of the railroad president masquerading as a brakeman; but Jordan, a junior executive, informs Mr. Hamilton, who wires his son to return home. Jerry does so, bringing his sweetheart. At the Hamilton mansion, Pepper finds that although his sister, Barbara, is sympathetic, Hamilton is bitterly opposed to the match; and fearful of jeopardizing the father’s happiness, she agrees with Hamilton that she should disillusion the boy. Meanwhile, Pepper’s father along with her former suitors arrive in time for a party; Pepper pretends drunkenness and breaks the engagement, but Mr. Whipple and Hamilton strike up a friendship, and Penelope, discovering the plot, announces that Pepper still loves Jerry. (All information taken from the “American Film Institute Catalog of Feature Films”).