Paramount-Publix Corp. May 31, 1930 (copyright: May 29, 1930; LP1337)j. Sd (Movietone); b&w. 35mm. 8 reels, 6,393 ft.

Director: Frank Tuttle. Screenplay: Keene Thompson, Doris Anderson. Dialogue: Herman J. Mankiewicz. Photographed by: Victor Milner. Felm Editor: Doris Drought.

Songs: “Believe It or Not,I Lost My Man,” “There’s Only One That Matters To Me” L. Wolfe Gilbert, Abel Baer. Recording Engineer: M.M. Paggi.

Cast: Clara Bow (Ruby Nolan), Fredric March (Gunner McCoy), Harry Green (Solomon Bimberg), Rex Bell (Eddie), Eddie Fetherston (Michael), Eddie Dunn (Albert), Ray Cooke (Peewee), Harry Sweet (Artie), Adele Windsor (Maizie), Sam Hardy (Grogan), Jed Prouty (dancehall manager).

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  RubyNolan, a soda jerk in Solomon Bimberg’s San Diego drugstore, has a boyfriend on every ship, precipitating a melee among competing factions. In revenge, they try to persuade the ace gunner (McCoy) on the Mississippi to fall for her; he refuses, but they accidentally meet and the inevitable happens. At a dancehall in Tia Juana, Ruby gives $100 to the manager to be offered as a prize to any couple who will be married on the dancehall floor, but when her rejected suitors appear, Gunner McCoy thinks she is playing him for his money. Solomon places a bet with some crooked gamblers on Gunner in a shooting match; swallowing her pride, Ruby induces Gunner to desist from drinking, and he wins the target practice. When he sees that Ruby is sincere, they are happily united. (Information from “The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films”.)