PRESERVATION STATUS: 6 reels complete.Several prints at The UCLA Film Archive. Several color tints. UPDATE 9/8/98: Clips of this were recently shown on the Clara Bow TCM documentary.

Banner Productions. September 15, 1924 (copyright: September 10, 1924; LP20562). Silent; b&w. 35mm. 6 reels.

Produced by: Ben Verschleiser. Directed by: Al Santell. Scenario: Adele Buffington. Photographed by: Ernest Haller. Cast: John Bowers (Milt Kimberlin), Charles Murray (Joe Delorme), John Miljan (Frank Gorman), Clara Bow (Rosalie), Buck Black (Val Kimberlin), Lillian Rich (Madeline), Joan Standing (Hilda, the maid).

DOMESTIC MELODRAMA: Source: Evelyn Campbel, “Empty Hearts,” in Metropolitan (59:64-68-77, October 1924).

Milt Kimberlin meets Rosalie, a cabaret entertainer, and marries her. In a streak of bad luck he loses all his money, and his wife dies. Later, he becomes wealthy, marries Madeline, but longs for the happiness of his former marriage. He realizes his mistake when Madeline leaves him as a result of the implications of a forged letter “proving” Rosalie’s infidelity. The blackmailer is unmasked, however, and the couple find new happiness together. (Information from “The American Film Institute Catalogue of Feature Films”.)